St. Giles Chapel

Deerfield is blessed to be one of the few retirement communities in the nation that includes a free-standing chapel on its campus. The Deerfield community is served by two professional chaplains. The Rev. Richard Lindsley Walton, Jr. is an Episcopal Priest; Chaplain Tonya Hill has extensive clinical training in pastoral care. Both are trained specialists in pastoral care for seniors.  

St. Giles Chapel is located on the Grand Lawn near the front entrance of Deerfield and has undergone extensive renovations, thanks to the generous contributions of many residents and friends. This spacious renovation gives ample room for our growing population to attend and worship each week. Sunday and Wednesday services are held in the Chapel, as well as in the health care facilities of the community. The Chapel is affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina and is the chapel for all of Deerfield. While Sunday morning ministry of the chapel is offered according to the rites of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, the Chaplains and the Chapel Committee seek ways in which the worship can be inclusive of other traditions to reflect the rich religious diversity of our community. Anyone who wishes to claim their church membership in St. Giles Chapel is welcome to do so. One does not have to be a member of the Chapel to participate in the worship or other programs offered there. The ministry of the Chapel and the chaplains exists to support and affirm our resident’s spiritual commitments, not compete with them. Residents are also encouraged to maintain their faith affiliations through membership in any of the area’s many religious congregations, or use the Chapel in any way they find helpful and meaningful.