13 Reasons You’ll Love Living Deerfield

“We wish we would have moved sooner.”

It’s the most common comment people make after moving to Deerfield. We’re thrilled to think that the only regret people have when they move here is realizing they should have made the decision sooner. Since the best time to move here may have been years ago, then isn’t the next-best time now?  Hear what Jean says about moving to Deerfield.

Living Deerfield means one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Our campus surrounds you in natural beauty – walking trails, garden plots, sidewalks, mature trees and flowering plants. Deerfield offers an array of amenities, including multiple dining venues, wellness and fitness center, lap pool and warm water therapy pool, woodworking shop, pottery studio with our own kiln, arts studios, croquet court, and a large community room for concerts, lectures, and events. You will experience a variety of stimulating opportunities to volunteer, explore the arts, and discover new passions.

We believe in holistic health – body, mind, and spirit.

Did you realize that living at a community like Deerfield adds years of healthy happiness to your life? Our residents moved because of the lifestyle Deerfield offers, which allows more time and energy to live your life. Vibrant, active, and fulfilling are just a few words to describe what it means to “Live” Deerfield.

Financial stability is yours.

Living Deerfield means you control your money. Not only do you know what to expect, you receive quality services and amenities. Our Life Care program ensures that should you ever need health care, your monthly fee will remain the same as your monthly fee in an apartment or cottage. You also have the option of protecting your estate with refundable plans.

There is more time for you.

Here, you can be as busy as you want and keep up your active lifestyle because we take care of day-to-day hassles like home maintenance and housekeeping. You will feel completely energized because you’ll have more time for the things you love to do.

It is just a different address.

We aren’t your typical retirement community. Our campus offers not only comfortable apartment living, but also numerous choices of cottage homes, villas, and cluster homes with garages and outdoor living spaces.

Yes, we like to impress with inspired design.

Enjoy the thoughtfully planned exterior and interior design reflective of Asheville’s distinctive artistic style. Unique materials, vibrant colors, and beautiful varied living spaces remind you of Asheville’s beauty.

Together our values build community.

Living Deerfield means valuing tradition. You can celebrate the welcoming culture, not-for-profit mission, and enjoy neighbors who honor admirable values.  Hear what Ingram says about choosing Deerfield.

Dining that rivals fine restaurants.

With exceptionally prepared menus that are far from institutional, our culinary staff out-shines even 5-star restaurants. It’s true! We offer variety, good nutrition, and savory taste. Dine with friends at the Bistro, enjoy being waited on in the Canterbury Room, or have a lighter fare in the Riverwalk Café. Whatever your palette prefers, our exquisite chef-prepared meals give you plenty of choices. And if the mood strikes you, delight in a glass of wine or perhaps a martini.

We too believe in environmental responsibility.

Deerfield is committed to green living, sustainable design, energy efficiency, conservation, attractive landscaping, and supporting local opportunities.

We aren’t an “old folk’s home.”

If you are ready for a fulfilling, fun lifestyle, then follow us. You are only as young as you feel and we celebrate a community of multiple generations – and yes, that includes the Boomers.

Deerfield takes care of life’s “what ifs?”

Your plan can offer comfort and peace of mind. As a Life Care community, Deerfield offers all levels of health care on-site, if you should ever need it. And we help protect your finances, by maintaining your monthly costs no matter what level of care you need.  You can take comfort in knowing where and with whom you will get your care.

Thrive in one of America’s top destinations.

Asheville is a mecca for culture, arts, and natural beauty. Life is tucked between the beautiful Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. Our rolling hills are scattered with a host of attractions, adventures, and cultural venues. We just happen to be the home of the unique award-winning North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, and named one of the country’s best places to retire. In fact, known worldwide for its travel guides, Fodor’s just named Asheville a top destination for 2011.